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Hi, I'm Anne

I am all about inspiring families and educators to bring the joy of music back to early childhood.

Why? Because making music makes us happy! And happy children thrive – they are more willing to engage in learning and develop meaningful relationships.

Children experience joy and unconscious learning through music – when they feel the beat, when they sing, play musical instruments, dance and move their bodies, and when they actively listen to a range of different musical styles.

But many parents and educators lack confidence in their own ability to make music with their children.

That is where we can help here at "Branch Into Music"!

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Branch Into Music for Educators - The "Five Branches Framework" for Music in the Early Years 

 “Branch Into Music For Educators” aims to give early years educators the repertoire, resources and the boost in confidence they need to bring more music into their programs, enabling them to connect with their children, promote healthy brain development and encourage emotional intelligence. 



Calling all preschool, kindergarten, long daycare, family daycare and playgroup educators!

This exciting professional development program will be running again in Term 2 2021!

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About - Branch Into Music For Educators

  • Are you an educator working in a kindergarten, preschool, childcare, family day-care or play group setting?
  • Do you look at other educators who make music easily and confidently with their children and wish you could be more like them?
  • Do you want to bring more music and movement into your program but are stuck for ideas and not sure where to

Testimonials - Educators.

  • Jodie“I highly recommend the “Five Branches Framework” course to anyone who wants to implement more music and movement into their daily programs working with young children, or to reconnect with their musical brain. Anne’s course is inspiring, easy to follow and full of wonderful resources and ideas. Very practical lesson plans that you can try out the next day with the children. I’d forgotten how important Music is for children’s learning and developing their active listening skills, and it’s so much fun to dance again!” 

  • Janice photo “Anne Belcher delivered a fun and informative music training session to our whole service. Educators and children participated in movement and music, discovering new songs and using resources in innovative ways. The educators came away from this training with a renewed enthusiasm and confidence to implement their own music and movement program. Anne has an enormous wealth of knowledge which is evident in her presentation. Anne is very approachable and offers ideas and strategies for educators to use with the children. Anne inspires others to explore and enjoy music and movement.” 

  • Susan

    “Anne is an outstanding presenter. The workshop was fun and interactive, covering a variety of aspects of music including singing, keeping the beat, movement and using props and musical instruments. I walked away with lots of practical ideas that I could use in my service immediately to enhance my music program. It was a pleasure to be a part of Anne’s workshop and I highly recommend it to everyone working with young children.”

Branch Into Music For Families


“Branch Into Music For Families” offers a supportive environment for parents and care-givers to engage in musical activities with their children that strengthen bonds, promote healthy brain development and encourage emotional intelligence.


Branch Into Music's online "Making Meaningful Music" program is designed for parents and care-givers to engage in musical activities with their children that strengthen bonds, promote healthy brain development and encourage emotional intelligence. The weekly lessons contain fun, engaging learning activities that can be done at home, over and over again! 




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About - Branch Into Music For Families

The science is in. Music is a whole body and brain learning experience - food for the growing brain! Given most of the brain's circuitry is developed in the first 4 years of life, fostering a love for music in these early years equates to fostering a love for life.

Branch into Music offers the chance for parents/carers to explore and share the joy of music with their babies / small children. However to describe these practical, thirty minute classes as music classes does not do justice to the carefully planned activities that explore critical aspects of a young child’s development. Early literacy and numeracy, along with fine motor skills, self-awareness and self-expression are all covered in these action packed classes that never fail to capture the hearts and imagination of those who are young and young at heart. 

Branch Into Music early childhood music and movement classes aim to encourage each child’s musical development. They utilise songs, rhymes, games and beautiful props to encourage children to feel the beat and gain confidence in singing. They include both structured and unstructured movement activities and instrument playing. Children also participate in active listening activities. The songs and rhymes used are short and easy, have a limited vocal range and include repetition to aid in-tune singing.


Testimonials - Branch Into Music for Families

“The whole family is having a wonderful time exploring Branch Into Music online! The regular songs (e.g. Hello song, 'tap and tap and tap and stop', 'this is the way we softly play...') have worked their way into our everyday lives. Anne is immensely fun and engaging! I love the mix of simple songs to sing and play along, and classical pieces with full orchestra. This program is an excellent way to gently introduce children to the (sometimes intimidating) world of classical music, and help them to develop a solid foundation of rhythm, tempo and dynamics, in such enjoyable and diverse ways.”
Bonnie, mother of three (aged 10, 2 and 4 months), public servant, chorister & amateur musician.

"Anne is such an engaging online teacher, and the 'bite-size' approach to her classes makes it easy to keep the kids engaged. The