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Series 4, Episode 4: Six Fat Sausages



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music loves sausages, especially when they're fresh from the barbie, and in a bit of bread with sauce! How about you? Join us for this fun "Musical Moment", as we chant “Six Fat Sausages” - a rhyme that works on important early numeracy concepts, such as counting and subtracting.
You might like to have an old fry-pan and some sticks to use as sausages for this activity. Today I use six sausages, but you can use as many as you like (must be an even number) – maybe one for each child or each toy in the room. Hand each person a stick-sausage from the pan as they go “pop” and “bang” during the song.
Enjoy your sausages!!!

Series 4, Episode 3: I Hear Thunder!



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music invites you to sing a rainy, thundery song with us today! Make sure you have something you can use as a hand drum - an upturned bucket or mixing bowl will do the trick! And get ready to meet Rainbow Fluff - everyone's favourite music helper!

Series 4, Episode 2 - Happy Birthday Dogs!



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music LOVES dogs! Given this coming Saturday 1 August is the universal birthday for dogs in animal shelters, she thought we could all sing Happy Birthday!

In this episode, Anne also introduces you to her gorgeous kelpie, Clancy and shares a beautiful book - “Dog” by Matthew Van Fleet, with photos by Brian Stanton (Simon & Schuster, 2007). It is well working buying this title and Van Fleet and Stanton’s other similar books, like “Cat”. If you can't find it at your local bookstore, you could try: https://www.booktopia.com.au/dog-matthew-van-fleet/book/9781416941378.html .


Series 4, Episode 1: Christmas in July



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music is excited to be back for this, the fourth series of “Musical Moments”. She is also excited to announce the start of Term 3’s eight week “Making Meaningful Music” program.

To celebrate Christmas in July, Branch Into Music is giving away a FREE online early childhood music lesson, so you can “try before you buy”. You can find the lesson back on my homepage.

 There has never been a more important time to have fun, flexible, educational activities to do at home with your little people! Enjoy the lesson!