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Series 4, Episode 6: Open Shut Them (and Stand Up Sit Down)



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares the old favourite - "Open Shut Them" - followed by a new variation of this song, called "Stand Up Sit Down".

We can use music and musical activities to work on both fine and gross motor skills with our little children.

“Open Shut Them” is a classic action song, focusing on developing children’s fine motor skills – the small movements that occur in the wrists, hands and fingers. Fine motor skills include activities like drawing, eating, cutting with scissors, turning pages, buttoning clothing and holding small items.

"Stand Up Sit Down" uses the same melody, but focuses on gross motor skills – movement of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso. Gross motor skills include activities like walking, running, jumping, climbing, spinning etc.

Series 4, Episode 5: Have You Got Your Singing Voice?



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music and her best friend, Rainbow Fluff, love to sing! Today they explore lots of weird and wonderful ways to use their voices. "Have You Got Your Singing Voice" is one of Anne's most requested songs when she works with children in kindergartens and other early years learning and care settings.

Series 4, Episode 4: Six Fat Sausages



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music loves sausages, especially when they're fresh from the barbie, and in a bit of bread with sauce! How about you? Join us for this fun "Musical Moment", as we chant “Six Fat Sausages” - a rhyme that works on important early numeracy concepts, such as counting and subtracting.
You might like to have an old fry-pan and some sticks to use as sausages for this activity. Today I use six sausages, but you can use as many as you like (must be an even number) – maybe one for each child or each toy in the room. Hand each person a stick-sausage from the pan as they go “pop” and “bang” during the song.
Enjoy your sausages!!!

Series 4, Episode 3: I Hear Thunder!



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music invites you to sing a rainy, thundery song with us today! Make sure you have something you can use as a hand drum - an upturned bucket or mixing bowl will do the trick! And get ready to meet Rainbow Fluff - everyone's favourite music helper!