Anne's Musical Blog!


Series 5, Episode 5: Horses!



It must be the Spring Racing Carnival - how exciting! Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music loves horses!

In this week's "Musical Moment" she demonstrates how you can make some fabulous, clip-clop "horsey" sounds using yoghurt pots or little containers from your kitchen!

It's a real hoot!

Series 5, Episode 4: Dingle Dangle Scarecrow



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music is going embrace Halloween this year! She plans to dress up as the scariest thing can think of - a scarecrow! Join Anne for a "Dingle Dangle Scarecrow" singalong in her orchard for this week's Musical Moment.

Series 5, Episode 3: Jack in the Box



2020 has been a circus, hasn't it? In any "normal" year, we would be having a Circus Theme in all of our early childhood music sessions this week.

In this video, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares a few corny circus jokes and introduces you to one of her favourite circus friends - a Jack in the Box! It's so much fun to hide down in your box, where nobody can see you, and then ... POP!

Series 5, Episode 2: Under My Mask is a Happy Face!



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares a happy face-mask-wearing song in this week's "Musical Moment".

The mandatory wearing of face-masks in public places has been a rapid and somewhat confronting cultural shift here in Regional Victoria (Australia). Communities have embraced the challenge and our efforts appear to be paying off. However, communicating with someone who is wearing a mask can be difficult and sometimes confusing. I never realised how much I relied on lip-reading to understand speech! To be heard, we all need to speak a little louder than is generally considered polite and we miss out on so many emotional and expressive cues from the covered parts of people's faces.

Anne felt the need to write a song to show children that under people's masks are just normal happy faces - not scary ones! Whilst we can't see a person's smiling mouth, we can see their twinkling eyes and laughing lines.