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Series 7, Episode 2: Mary Had a Little Lamb


In this week's Musical Moment, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music and her co-host, Rainbow Fluff 🌈, discuss several ways you can use "Mary had a Little Lamb" with your early learners.

The book we discuss can be purchased here: 


Series 7, Episode 1: Nursery Rhymes



In this new series of Musical Moments, we're going to dive deep into the wonderful world of Nursery Rhymes!

And ... drumroll 🥁 ... joining Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music as co-host is ... 🥁 ... none other than the magnificent Rainbow Fluff!!!

Anne and 🌈 Fluff discuss the many benefits of Nursery Rhymes and how they can be used with early learners!

Series 6, Episode 6: Twinkle! Twinkle! (Listening)



In this video, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music discusses the importance of actively listening with young children. She demonstrates how this can be done, using a song we all know and love ...

You can find the recording / video we listened to here:


Series 6, Episode 5: Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear! (Movement)



In this video Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares her all-time favourite action rhyme. She explains how it fits into The “Five Branches Framework” for Music in the Early Years and how you might like to use it at home or in your early years learning and care setting.