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Series 5, Episode 9: Here is the Sea and DIY Ocean Drum



In this week’s Musical Moment, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares a lovely old Play School song, “Here is the Sea”, and shows you how to make your very own DIY ocean drum - a musical instrument that sounds just like the sea!

Series 5, Episode 8: Brown Bear (A Sung Story)



In this week’s Musical Moment, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle’s beautiful book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

We have fun looking at the bright, happy pictures, working out what colour each animal is and what sound it makes!

Singing a story is a lovely thing to do with little children!

You can do it with any rhyming book and your favourite simple tune.

In this example, I used the melody from “I’m the king of the castle”. Other nursery rhymes like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” would work just as well.

Enjoy the story!

Series 5, Episode 7: My Hat, It Has Three Corners!



In this week's Musical Moment we sing another favourite "Hat" song - "My Hat, It Has Three Corners".

This is a great game to play with pre-school aged children - you can make it more challenging by leaving out words and phrases as they become more familiar with the song. "My Hat, It Has Three Corners" is a valuable activity to encourage early literacy development.

Series 5, Episode 6: You Put Your Hat On Your Head!



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music owns lots of hats!

Help Anne find her favourite hat and remind her where she needs to put it, please!

"You Put Your Hat On Your Head" is always a favourite in our face-to-face music classes. It's a fun song to use when you are talking about being "Sun Smart" and can be used when you are having a Hat Parade. Enjoy!