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Series 8, Episode 1: Whatever the Weather



In this NEW series of Musical Moments, Anne from Branch Into Music and her co-host Rainbow Fluff 🌈 will sing songs about all different kinds of weather! ☔


This week, you'll need some instruments you can find around the house or in your service - something that goes "ding", something that you can pitter-patter down like rain (and swirl around for wind) and something that goes crunch (like some leaves or paper) ... 🍁

Fabulous FREE Resource for Early Childhood Educators!



Do you fancy some fresh, new ideas about how to use Nursery Rhymes with your early learners? 🐑 ☕ ⭐

If so, you might like to download Branch Into Music’s newest FREE resource for early childhood educators: “Using Nursery Rhymes With Our Early Learners”. 💻

In the 3-page PDF we discuss the importance of Nursery Rhymes and link to ten short videos, demonstrating these age-old classics and how you can use them in your early years setting. 🎶

You can download your copy HERE.



Series 7, Episode 10: Twinkle! Twinkle! (Nursery Rhymes)



In our final "Musical Moment" for this series, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music and Rainbow Fluff 🌈 look at how you can use everyone's favourite Nursery Rhyme - Twinkle Twinkle - to discuss form and patterns and sing rhyming stories. They also share some weird and wonderful facts! 

Series 7, Episode 9: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush



In this week's Musical Moment, Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music and Rainbow Fluff 🌈 share all the amazing ways you can use "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" with your little people - from working on musical contrasts, to helping with transitions, to teaching important processes ...