“The whole family is having a wonderful time exploring Branch Into Music online! The regular songs (e.g. Hello song, 'tap and tap and tap and stop', 'this is the way we softly play...') have worked their way into our everyday lives. Anne is immensely fun and engaging! I love the mix of simple songs to sing and play along, and classical pieces with full orchestra. This program is an excellent way to gently introduce children to the (sometimes intimidating) world of classical music, and help them to develop a solid foundation of rhythm, tempo and dynamics, in such enjoyable and diverse ways.”
Bonnie, mother of three (aged 10, 2 and 4 months), public servant, chorister & amateur musician.

"Anne is such an engaging online teacher, and the 'bite-size' approach to her classes makes it easy to keep the kids engaged. The themed classes are always fun, and follow a structure that the kids are growing familiar with as the weeks go by. I love the way we can use a mix of our own instruments, our bodies, as well as random items from around our home, to make our music. We've particularly loved the lessons on the farm!"
Anna, mother of three, (aged 6, 3 and 2).

“Anne's online music lessons have my two sons singing, moving and laughing every time! Her warm and engaging nature and ability to make the content fun and relevant, provides a wonderful learning experience.”
Donna, mother of two (aged 2 and 5), teacher.

“Anne is a natural teacher and the outstanding quality of her curriculum and teaching is captured in this online program. The lessons are easy to navigate, and my son loves watching it. The content is joyful and he is engaged and happy while learning.”
Catherine, mother of one (aged 3 years), teacher.

“The boys are loving their music time ... We definitely enjoy the second and third repetition of the lessons, as the boys know what is coming up next and participate more confidently each time. Fabulous to have a fun sing and dance together, thanks Anne!”
Carly, mother of three (3.5, 3.5 and 2), drama teacher.

“My Grandson has been thoroughly enjoying his ‘online’ sessions with Anne. His eyes light up whenever he hears the session about to start. I am amazed at how quickly he has picked up his ability to keep a rhythm to say nothing of his dancing (just delightful). It really is quite magical to see how he has progressed in just a few sessions. Even though he is only just 2, Anne’s passion and her ability to communicate at all levels have him hooked. We are (all) looking forward to seeing what the next session will bring. Thank you, Anne.”
Gillian, grandmother of many (including one 2-year-old boy).

"Anne, we have loved your online lessons. We have been doing them as a family. It has been great seeing the kids enjoy seeing your face and making music together ... Thanks again for all your hard work!"
Jane, mother of two (aged 1 and 3), primary school teacher.

“Anne’s online music class has been such a wonderful indoor activity. It has been really convenient to have the flexibility to start and stop the videos if needed. The multiple short videos per class has been very engaging for my son - dancing and finding the beat with a variety of household items!”
Lucy, mother of one (aged 2).

“The lessons in the online music program are easy to follow, and perfectly structured to hold the attention of my child. They include a great mix of activities and we love getting involved with the fun themes each week.”
Elise, mother of one (aged 2)

"What do we love about Branch into Music? Everything! I have been taking my son to Anne’s classes for almost three years and over this time have watched his self-confidence blossom in direct relation to Anne’s warm nature and creative teaching style. From her welcoming home studio Anne introduces children to music and sound principles in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to explore the world and their surroundings through sound, song, instrument and movement. The kids have a whole lot of fun and the parents get involved too, it’s a great for everyone and I know my son and I will always have special memories of our time together in Anne's class.

Liz, mother of one (aged 4).

"I’m so glad we found this activity for my daughter and I. Within two months she is singing in tune and can stamp in time with a beat. Even her speech has improved. She of course has no idea that she is learning, because she has so much fun during the activities with the endless, beautiful props Anne lets them play with. What a great activity to do with your little one. I only wish I had discovered it earlier so that I could have brought my son.”

Felicity, mother of two (aged 6 and 4).

"Branch Into Music classes are a real highlight of the week, both for my boys and me. My two boys love attending Anne’s classes and I thoroughly enjoy watching them dance, sing and interact with other children through music. Anne’s enthusiasm, in depth knowledge and passion for music are evident in all aspects of her teaching. Each class is well researched and thoroughly planned. Anne uses a wide range of props to engage the children and enhance her lessons. She also explains the developmental benefits of music. The classes deliver a valuable and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all."

Sophie, mother of two (aged 2 and 4).

"Branch into Music has been, and continues to be a fantastic experience for us. The mix of music and dance ensures the children are always stimulated and the structure of the classes is ideal for babies and toddlers. We love Music, as a family it is our favourite time of the week and the range of topics and themes is very exciting and ensures all children’s involvement. Our children have grown and developed confidence beautifully as a result of Branch into Music."

Julia, mother of two (aged 5 and 2)

"We have been coming to Branch into Music classes for 4 years. My children love music class and they adore Anne. It is something we do as a family and is an absolute highlight of our week. The classes are so much fun, with loads of parent involvement (especially with the little ones who need more parent guidance and help) and I get so much joy in watching them sing, dance and experience the fun that music and movement can bring.

The classes are small which means that Anne can really engage with each of the children and develop a special relationship which gives them so much confidence to involve themselves fully in each of the activities.

The classes are a wonderful mix of music, singing, movement, dancing, role playing, imagination, story telling and FUN. Anne packs so much into each class that the children don't stop, yet, each class follows the same structure so that the children know what to expect and all the movement and noise doesn't becoming overwhelming or the purpose of each activity doesn't become lost.

We love branch into music and couldn't recommend the classes, or Anne’s teaching, more highly."

Ebony, mother of three (aged 4, 2 and 9 months)